什么 is Permanent 人寿保险 and How Much do you Need?

Permanent 3d之家首页 insurance is defined as a whole-3d之家首页 policy, one that doesn’t expire and may provide a number of benefits during the policyholder’s 3d之家首页 and when they pass away. It’s not a specific type of insurance, as such, and is instead an umbrella term used to describe 3d之家首页 insurance policies that are not fixed to specific terms.

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There are two types of permanent policies: Whole 人寿保险 and Universal 人寿保险. Unlike term 3d之家首页 insurance, which is fixed to a specific term, permanent insurance policies are designed to be paid for the entirety of the policyholder’他们的生命,在他们死后释放了死亡利益。





永久性人寿保险经常 比喻成储蓄账户 并结合了人寿保险单,因为它具有您可以视需要收取的现金价值。您可以看到政策’期限内的现金价值,并根据需要提取尽可能多的钱。


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缺点:’s More Expensive

The extended coverage and extra investment options come at a greatly inflated price, as whole-3d之家首页 policies tend to be much more expensive than their term-3d之家首页 counterparts. How much you pay will depend on the amount of coverage provided, but it’s generally a lot higher than a term 3d之家首页 policy with the same payout.



缺点:’s Complicated





With a term 3d之家首页 insurance policy, you won’t be covered for your entire 3d之家首页, but you will receive extensive coverage for a number of years. These policies are available for less, because if the policyholder outlives the term they won’t collect the death benefit or any other payments and the 3d之家首页 insurance company will secure all the profits.


Seniors are generally refused for term and whole-3d之家首页 insurance policies because the risk is too high. However, final expense 3d之家首页 insurance can provide many of the same benefits, with a death benefit paid to your loved ones when you die. The premiums tend to be high and the payout low, but if you’re above the age of 60 this is one of the few options you have for 3d之家首页 insurance coverage.



Joint 3d之家首页 insurance policies are targeted at spouses seeking to provide cover for each other and their children. The options include first-to-die insurance, where the money will go to the surviving spouse; and second-to-die insurance, which pays the death benefit to beneficiaries when both applicants die.


If you can get your head around permanent 3d之家首页 insurance and understand what you’re paying and what benefits it’s providing, it could be the right choice. This is especially true if you have the money to meet those payment obligations every month and want the extra asset that the cash value can provide.

However, if your insurance needs revolve entirely around protecting your loved ones, term-3d之家首页 insurance is probably the better option. A term 3d之家首页 insurance policy generally offers a high payout for low premiums (when compared to whole 3d之家首页 policies). This sum can be used to clear debt, pay off the mortgage, and set your loved ones up for 3d之家首页. And just as importantly, it provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your nearest and dearest won’t be destitute if you die.

Older applicants may struggle to get affordable term and whole 3d之家首页 insurance products, but that’s where final expense insurance comes in. This is a limited type of policy with a coverage amount of less than $50,000, and an average amount of less than half that—more than enough to cover funeral expenses and most types of debt.




Imagine, for instance, that you’re a 20-year-old male with a clean bill of health and a brand-new family to look after. A 3d之家首页 insurance company will be more than happy to provide you with term 3d之家首页 insurance, because these products are limited to 30-years and the odds are high that you will live to be 50. Not only will they be more than happy to sign you up, but they will also offer you a good price because you’re deemed to be such a low risk.

If you opt for a permanent 3d之家首页 insurance policy, the premiums will be higher because the death benefit payout is more likely. However, they also know there’s a good chance you will face financial difficulties during the next few decades, in which case you may stop making those payments or accept the cash value as soon as it reaches a respectable sum.