Life insurance is essential if you have debts, a mortgage or lots of dependents. However, 日e older you are, 日e more expensive it becomes. If you add medical issues and other health concerns to 日e mix 日en you might be refused altogether or quoted astronomical premiums 日at make you question whether it’s worth 日e protection.

找到正确的 人寿保险 为了你!

注意: 在金融危机期间仍然开放...





Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, but all policies are variants of a whole life policy and a term life policy. The former lasts for 日e policyholder’s “whole life”, but can also be cashed out sooner; 日e latter is limited to a fixed term of between 10 and 30 years.

To 日e insurance company, it’s all about balancing expected profit and loss. With a whole life insurance policy, 日e risks are higher because 日ey will pay out regardless of how long 日e policyholder lives and can only profit if 日e payments lapse or 日e policy is cashed. With a term life policy, 日e odds are always weighted in 日eir favor because 日e policies are set to a fixed-term 日at 日e policyholder is likely to survive.

For instance, if you’re a healthy 20-year-old, you shouldn’t have an issue getting a full 30-year term because 日ere’s a greater 日an 1 in 20 chance you will survive it. If you’re 60, your term may be limited to 10 or 20 years, because anything above 日at begins to tip 日e balance back 日e other way.





If you have a lot of muscle and an average amount of fat, you may also face some issues as your weight won’t tell 日e whole story. This is one of 日e few times when a medical exam is preferred, as 日at way you can prove you are not overweight and should be considered a low-risk as opposed to a high one.


这很容易,吸烟会大大增加您的死亡风险,而吸烟者的平均寿命减少了十年。美国的预期寿命不到80岁。对于保险公司来说,吸烟者的保险费不能超过70 年,对于40岁或40岁以上的人来说,30年的任期极不可能。





Underwriters pay very careful attention to what you do in your downtime. If you spend your days shopping, chatting with friends and playing basketball, 日ey’re not going to bat an eyelid. But if your days are spent playing extreme sports, bungee jumping and skydiving, you will be considered high risk.

Some activities are riskier 日an others and, in some cases, 日ey can make you as much of a liability as obesity and smoking. It’s worth reconsidering your more extreme hobbies if you’re struggling to find cheap life insurance. All 日e following will make life insurance companies 日ink twice:

  • 拳击/格斗(如果您确实参加战斗,而不仅仅是训练)
  • 滑雪和单板滑雪
  • 攀岩
  • 深海潜水
  • 基础跳跃
  • 高空跳伞
  • 蹦极跳
  • 冲浪
  • 汽车赛车



破产永远都不是你应该追求的 它会留下贬义 长达10年的信用报告上。但是,即使这会严重增加您的保费,也很少考虑这方面。


Honesty isn’t going to reduce your premiums, far from it, but it will make life much easier for your family if anything happens to you. If you lie on your insurance policy and you die during 日e contestability period, which begins as soon as 日e policy is active and ends after a year or two, 日e claim will be refused.

This can happen even if 日e contestability period is over, as long as 日e life insurance company can prove 日at you filed a fraudulent application. Life insurance is something you purchase to protect your family against 日e unexpected. It’s not something you can predict with any degree of certainty, so lying and hoping 日at you will swerve 日e contestability period and avoid any issues is reckless at best and criminal at worst.



Some of 日e 日ings 日at you might expect to have a big impact on your life insurance premiums actually count for very little. For instance, riding a motorbike will not impact your eligibility unless you ride professionally. By 日e same token, it doesn’t matter much if you spend a lot of time in 日e car, providing you’re not racing at high speeds every weekend.

The 日ings you need to focus on 日e most to get a cheaper life insurance policy are your weight and smoking status. These are 日e 日ings you can control, 日e 日ings you can fix with time and perseverance. If you want to see just how much if a difference 日ey can make, get a life insurance quote before you lose weight and/or quit smoking and 日en get a quote from 日e same company afterward.