Getting 贱 汽车保险 after UI

A DUI conviction can be pretty disastrous for your 汽车eer and bank balance, especially if you drive for a living or rely 在你的 汽车 to get to work. It’是一个错误,而且非常鲁ck,但这可能会花费您高达$ 1,000的罚款,最长刑期为12个月,您的驾驶执照会被扣很多,甚至被停职。

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如果您设法避免最严厉的处罚并毫发无损地逃脱,或者您要缴纳罚款并承担后果,那’s still one big issue to deal with: 您的 car 保险.

Insurance 引号 所有人都大大增加 high-risk drivers 并且如果您有DUI或 DWI on your record, you’ll find yourself in that category. All is not lost, however, as there are ways you 能够 secure cheap 保险 when you have a blemished record.

What is a UI, DWI, and OUI?

UI, DWI和OUI是用于描述几乎相同事物的三个不同术语。 根据NHTSA, 在影响下驾驶 (DUI)和醉酒驾驶(DWI)是最常见的两种,大多数州会在酒精或毒品影响下使用一种或另一种来指代驾驶行为。

一些州同时使用这两个术语,在这种情况下,它们倾向于区分酒精和毒品, DWI 仅指酒精和DUI,指毒品和酒精。您还将看到缩写 BAC, which means “血液中酒精含量”并用于确定某人是否超过了酒精饮料限量,以及OUI,这表示在影响下操作,仅用于 马萨诸塞州,缅因州和罗德岛州。

In any case, all of these are serious offenses and 能够 result in fines, jail time, and a significant rate increase on your car insurance premiums.

你能得到吗 DUI Insurance?

UI是主要违规行为,可能会大大增加您的 car insurance 保费。你仍然可以 car 保险 经过DUI,但您可能需要付出更多的努力才能找到合适的价格。不管您如何 drunk driving 处理定罪,以及是否导致罚款或入狱。


A DUI offender 被认为是巨大的风险,这将通过要求他们每月支付的保费来反映出来。

费用 DUI Car Insurance by State

The average cost of 保险 will differ greatly depending 在你的 state. This is true even before you factor a UI into the equation, but once you start adding minor and major violations, the differences become even more significant.

States where a conviction will have the least impact in terms of higher 费率, including:

  • 佛罗里达
  • 罗德岛
  • 西弗吉尼亚
  • 佐治亚州  
  • 明尼苏达州
  • 南达科他州
  • 阿拉斯加州
  • 伊利诺伊州
  • 科罗拉多州
  • 特拉华州
  • 爱荷华州

我们发现的最便宜的州之一 auto insurance rates increased, was Maryland.


  • 北卡罗来纳
  • 密西根州
  • 亚利桑那
  • 加利福尼亚州
  • 夏威夷
  • 新泽西州

How to Get 贱 Insurance After a DUI Offense

最便宜的保护方式 car 保险 在DUI到处逛逛,比较并继续搜索之后 最优惠的价格。这些比率将永远比定罪前提供的利率高,而您只是赢了’t be offered the best 费率 保险公司可以提供的。但是,通过进行研究,比较多个提供商并坚持不懈,直到找到合适的汇率,您才能找到合理的政策。

许多司机会坚持使用他们之前的保险公司。 DUI收费,可能是因为他们’已经使用了很多年,获得了多政策或多车优惠,或者仅仅是’不要为做出改变而烦恼。您当前的提供商可能会提供 最优惠的价格,但通常 best car insurance policy 可以在其他地方找到。

We have listed a few of the 最好 options below, in numerical order from the cheapest to the most expensive. However, due to the differences between locations and policies, we recommend getting 引号 from all of them:

  1. 国营农场
  2. 进步
  3. 农民
  4. Geico
  5. 全州
  6. 全国

还有其他 auto insurance companies to consider as well. This is just a small selection of the biggest and 最好 providers based on a few dozen 引号. We encourage you to check as many as you 能够.


没有 n-owner 保险 is a cheap way to get cover and is offered to individuals without regular access to a 摩托车。根据您的状态,您可能需要提交 SR-22 form and pay a filing fee, but this is generally no more than $25 and the money you save by acquiring such a 政策 makes it all worthwhile.

This type of 保险 will cover you during at-fault accidents and ensure you have continuous cover, which could come in handy in the future.


您的 auto insurance quotes 至少增加3年 DUI conviction, but some states will allow this conviction to impact your 引号 for several more years. What’还有,您可能无法获得安全 driver discount 一次后长达10年 DUI conviction.


A UI 能够 be a destructive force in your life. It’剧烈的,短暂的震动;提醒人们 drunk driving 以及法律对待被定罪者的(合理的)不容忍的方式。但是有个好消息,因为隧道尽头有光。

贱 car 保险 can’t undo the damage done by fines and jail time; it 能够’t win back favor with your employees or family members, but it 能够 save you a few hundred dollars a year. And if you keep a clean driving record for several years, you 能够 save even more money further down the line.

只记得比较多 car insurance companies as you 能够 and to switch to a new 政策 as soon as your circumstances improve.